Real Estate Development

It is an investment type created by carrying out financial, legal, rival, supply-demand balance, design, concept, time and similar analyses and feasibility studies and providing necessary finance through project production according to social and economic conjuncture of a land and region.

  • Developing real estate projects,
  • Carrying out pre-feasibility analyses for new projects,
  • Ensuring that all project stakeholders are informed about the state of the project,
  • Realizing asset management on housing projects and present properties,
  • Examining and preparing various transaction documents concerning property negotiations, purchasing and sales activities,
  • Evaluating historical structures,
  • Coordinating urban transformation projects,
  • Accelerating project development process by updating financial information,
  • Analyzing real estate market,
  • Preparing budget and project schedules,
  • Carrying out credit rating activities,
  • Researching finance alternatives,
  • Supporting preparation and implementation of marketing strategies  for real estate sale,
  • Preparing and submitting reports indicating planning and development requirements,
  • Working in cooperation with other professionals including land planners, engineers,
  • Ensuring that all processes comply with legal regulations,