Building Inspection

Building inspection institutions examine construction activities and therefore, contractor on behalf of the land owner in the process starting stage of a construction until it is completed. They ensure project realization and inspection in order that a building belonging to private persons can be constructed in accordance with zoning plan, scientific/art and health rules, standards and the relevant quality. As Fenercioğlu AŞ., Assistant Controller Engineers as well as inspector Architects and Engineers, of which we are the subsidiary, fulfill duties in this process. Duties of Assistant Controllers are to support the activities of the Controlling Engineers on whom they depend.


Building inspection institution, primarily within the scope of implementation project created by the designer, checks that  ;
a)  the foundation system complies with the geological report issued according to the geological structure of the land,

 carrier system has been calculated according to TSE 500 and the regulation regarding the structures to be constructed in disaster areas,

 building complies with heat insulation regulation, engineering and architecture designing procedures, zoning plan and other relevant regulations, standards and specifications; and

 tests conformity of all materials used in the construction, fabrication and building elements with the relevant standards and sends the test reports to the relevant authority. It has such materials and fabrications tested by real and legal persons certified by the Ministry and Turkish Standards Institute.   

 Concrete form and iron equipment are controlled and then, concrete is allowed to be poured after a report complying with sample 5 being the annex of Building Inspection Implementation Regulation. Concrete is poured under continuous supervision of assistant controllers of building inspection institution and concrete samples are taken on the concrete pouring site and the laboratory supervisor who will carry out the test together with the responsible engineer or architect.

 Building Inspection Institution may require the certificates indicating that the workers and construction foremen are competent in their professions and the documents indicating that the materials used comply with TSE to be submitted by the building contractor.

 Materials, workers, master builder and subcontractor not approved by the Building Inspection Institution will immediately be removed from the site.

 At the request of the building owner, opinion as the basis for payment is communicated to the building owner before payment to the building contractor.

 Building Inspection Institution will be responsible for the construction damage to occur in the carrier system of the building for 10 years as from the date on which occupancy permit is obtained and for 2 years for the construction damage in other sections which are not carrier system.  Building Inspection Institution cannot be held responsible for the changes made without permission.