Excavation and Heavy Machinery

Fenercioğlu A.Ş. maintains a prominent position in the construction sector, providing top-notch expertise in heavy machinery and excavation services. Our company is equipped with 4 trucks, 2 excavators (HMK 220 and HMK 230), and 1 crane. This equipment enables us to deliver effective and efficient excavation services, both on our own projects and in the construction projects in our vicinity.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business, and our team is always ready to offer customized excavation solutions to our customers. Our modern heavy machinery operates in compliance with environmental and safety standards while ensuring timely project completion.

Fenercioğlu A.Ş. stands as a reliable partner in the industry with its expertise in excavation, approaching the needs of its customers with care. By combining quality and speed, we contribute to the successful completion of construction projects.