Site Management

Fenercioğlu A.Ş. leverages its industry experience to the fullest by providing site and building management services in the residential projects it constructs. Our company aims to enhance the quality of life for residents by delivering all necessary services in sites and buildings with a professional approach.

In the field of site management, Fenercioğlu A.Ş. adopts a transparent management model, facilitating residents’ access to information at all times. Residents of the sites we serve can access various information, from financial transactions to income-expenditure reports, whenever they need it. Our professional accounting team efficiently manages financial transactions such as debt inquiries and dues payments, fostering trust among residents.

Fenercioğlu A.Ş. strives to create a trustworthy collaborative environment among residents through the transparency and accessibility it provides in site management. In doing so, we work to further enhance the residents’ living experience.