Our Board Chairman Aycan Fenercioğlu, Construction Engineer, was born in 1986 in Alanya. After he completed his primary and high school education in Alanya, he received university education in Istanbul. Aycan Fenercioğlu finished Yıldız Technical University in 3,5 years and put his stamp on history of the university with such success. He started his professional life in 2009 and took part in countless projects in the country and foreign countries and after he established his own company, he undertook a lot of superstructure and infrastructure projects.

Fenercioğlu A.Ş. has been carrying out activities in more sectors than one such as urban transformation, construction, restoration, agriculture and tourism for a long time in Antalya.

Fenercioğlu A.Ş., which has been established and started its activities by the Board Chairman and Construction Engineer Aycan Fenercioğlu in 2014 has become a leading company in the industry with a rapid rise and maintaining this success of it. Having undertaken many superstructure and infrastructure projects, Fenercioğlu A.Ş. has become a building company which is carrying out the most activities in Alanya, particularly on Shopping Mall constructions and Urban Transformation projects in recent years. Additionally, it has undertaken superstructure projects and mosque construction for the public. With its team of construction engineers and architectures consisting of approximately 100 persons, it has taken part in many projects in Antalya province. Presently, there are 18 ongoing projects and 5 more projects are about to start. Apart from Antalya province, projects are also continuing in Bodrum, Cyprus and Spain. Nearly 2 thousand houses are planned to be made together with the next year. Keys of all such houses will be handed over at the end of 2024 within the scope of this planning.             

 Our Board Chairman and Construction Engineer Aycan Fenercioğlu is married with 2 children. Aycan Fenercioğlu has a good command of English.