What is a Real Estate Investment Fund (REIF)?

Real Estate Investment Funds (REIFs) are established under the umbrella of Portfolio Management Companies (PMC) with the approval of the Capital Markets Board (CMB).

The Capital Markets Board, in its bulletin dated 11/02/2023 with the reference number 2023/67, has approved the establishment of 2 real estate investment funds on behalf of our company.


  • Real Estate Investment Funds are created to facilitate the participation of qualified real estate investors in the capital markets.
  • They can directly acquire real estate in the land registry.
  • The list of properties in their portfolio or the list of investors is not disclosed to the public.
  • The assets of the fund cannot be subject to execution or collateralized.
  • They are subject to independent audit reports at least once a year and are regularly audited by the CMB.
  • Investors share in the fund’s returns in proportion to the amount of money they have invested.

What are the advantages?

It provides the opportunity to be a partner in the returns of a large real estate investment with small investments.

It is inflation-proof.

Tax Benefits (0% Withholding Tax)

Return Target in Foreign Currency

The sale of land can convert fund assets into liquidity.

Public Oversight and Regulation

They are transferable and can be included in inheritance investments.

Fenercioğlu is adopting a strategic approach to diversify its investment portfolio and sustain financial growth. The company’s investment portfolio encompasses projects in a range of sectors, housing various assets with growth potential.

Fenercioğlu’s investment portfolio includes its own residential projects that reflect the company’s expertise in the construction sector. These projects not only embody the company’s principles of quality and reliability but also provide a stable source of income. Additionally, our investments extend beyond the construction sector. This is aimed at exploring opportunities in different sectors and diversifying risks as part of the company’s growth strategy.

Fenercioğlu carefully manages and regularly reviews its investment portfolio, recognizing its critical importance for the long-term sustainability of investments. Portfolio management guides us towards achieving our financial objectives while also reflecting our commitment to creating value for our investors.

Fenercioğlu operates with a strategic vision in managing its investment portfolio and continues to position itself in areas that are conducive to assessing future opportunities and growth. This enhances our capacity to increase our financial strength, thereby enabling us to provide more value to our customers and stakeholders.