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Establishment of City Aesthetic Board was approved in Alanya Municipal Council in March. Adasa Building Inspection company Board Chairman and Construction Engineer Aycan Fenercioğlu made explanations about the issue and said, “ it is a good development for construction sector.”

Fenercioğlu continued his explanations as follows: “I wish City Council to be good for Alanya. Especially, it is a positive development for construction sector. And, Architect and engineer council members will become the member of the city council. Aesthetic appearance of the buildings to be constructed in Alanya from now onward will be controlled and examined. A commission will work for examining architectural structure and appropriateness of buildings in terms of silhouette of the city. I wish all members good luck and with my best wishes for Alanya.” Fenercioğlu also talked about the developments in the construction sector and said, “ Alanya is among the first 3 cities where foreigners buy houses in Türkiye. Our town is administratively a county but it is in a provincial capacity. Foreigners’ demand to our town increased in the last 3 months and their demand for real estate significantly occurred. We hope such demand will gradually increase. We are coming closer to tourism season and I expect a significant increase in demand from foreigners during March-April months. Feedbacks and the impressions that we acquire in the fair organization indicate that foreigners will turn towards our city. Nature, beauty, sea, sun and in other words; geography of our city are the most important factors in this respect.            

Another factor is that the houses, projects created by the contractors are very impressive and desirable for foreigners. A nice cycle occurred here. Construction sector has had a problem for the last two years due to increase in the costs and interest rates. We have observed a significant increase in demand from foreigners since September. Present data indicate that such demand will increase more. We also hope the demand of foreigners will increase more. Sector may become better in this way. Not only foreigners but also domestic buyers have also tended to be interested in said projects. Decrease in interest rates by the state banks is very effective in this respect. Once the interest rates decrease, desire of domestic buyers to buy houses increased. Now, people may own new apartments through appropriate loans of the state banks. All these developments have triggered constructions sector. Sector is in a good position in Alanya now and I think it will be better.”