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The joint venture of FENERCİOĞLU and TEKÇE, known as “FenTek,” has started its operations in the global construction industry.

By 20 August 2023October 20th, 2023No Comments

The leading construction and engineering company in Alanya and the region, Fenercioğlu Inc., has joined forces with Tekçe, which provides end-to-end services in the real estate sector, for international projects.

After launching projects in various cities and countries, not only in Alanya and the Antalya region, Fenercioğlu Inc. is preparing to expand globally. Under the name of Tekçe FenTek, a joint venture has been signed between Fenercioğlu Inc., which is preparing to open up to the world through its investments in Bodrum, Istanbul, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and Tekçe, which provides comprehensive services in the global real estate sector and is the first Turkish real estate brokerage company to expand abroad with the brand Spain Homes. Within the scope of this partnership, the two experienced companies will first realize a boutique real estate project of 28 units in Altea, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Fenercioğlu: We are eager to write an international success story

Aycan Fenercioğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fenercioğlu Inc., expressed his satisfaction with this investment partnership and stated the following about the project: “The aim of this project is to create a high-quality boutique living space. The expertise and resources of both parties will guarantee the success of this project, and together, we aim to explore new opportunities on a global scale. Through this partnership, we aim to offer investors unique opportunities by combining Tekçe’s experience in the international market with the expertise of our experienced team. By bringing the strengths of both companies together, we are eager to write an international success story with this partnership. We believe that we will not only offer investors an excellent living space but also provide an opportunity to increase the value of their investments.”

Tekçe: We will continue to guide Turkish companies aspiring to grow globally with Fenercioğlu

Bayram Tekçe, the Founder of Tekçe, stated the following about this partnership: “For Tekçe, our main goal for the past 20 years has been to provide value for everyone looking to invest in real estate, focusing on people and a good life. As the first Turkish real estate brokerage company to expand abroad with our brand Spain Homes, we have strengthened our dominance in the Spanish real estate market with our expertise in sales and marketing since 2018. We are very happy to make this global leap shortly after our first investment in construction in Turkey. With Fenercioğlu, a company known for its engineering team and construction vision in different fields and projects in Turkey, we aim to participate in land and project development, contracting services, construction material supply and procurement in other European countries in the near future through our new brand, FenTek.”

The project will target Europeans, especially Belgians and Scandinavians, who demand real estate in Altea

This project, initiated with a 1.5 million euro land investment, will be the result of the engineering expertise of Fenercioğlu and the sales and marketing experience of Tekçe. The project, which will diversify investment in Spain, will target Europeans, especially Belgians and Scandinavians, who have a demand for purchasing real estate in Altea, a strong tourism location.

Altea, famous for its beaches and natural beauty

Altea, a coastal town on the Mediterranean, is one of the country’s most attractive tourism centers. Described as a ‘small jewel on the shore,’ Altea stands out with its quality beaches, hills, historic churches, views, and natural beauty. Known for its traditional market squares selling local products and offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean, Altea has a magnificent 52.1 km coastline that provides the panoramic view of the Mediterranean. Altea boasts two magnificent beaches, Playa de Cap Blanch and Playa de la Roda.