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FENERCİOĞLU Expands from Alanya to the World

By 20 August 2023October 20th, 2023No Comments

Fenercioğlu Construction, founded in Alanya and active in sectors such as urban transformation, construction, and agriculture in Antalya, has now turned its focus to urban transformation projects in Istanbul and Izmir. The company has rapidly expanded its new residential projects with a focus on safety in Spain, Bodrum, and Cyprus.

Following the significant earthquake in Turkey on February 6, we all started questioning the safety of our homes and the solidity of building structures. Urban transformation discussions have intensified, and the safety of projects is under greater scrutiny than ever before. Aycan Fenercioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fenercioğlu Inc., says that they had already started developing safe residential projects in Turkey and worldwide long before the dreadful earthquake. Fenercioğlu Construction, based in Alanya and active in multiple sectors including urban transformation, construction, and agriculture mainly in the Antalya region, has swiftly shifted its focus to urban transformation projects in Istanbul and Izmir. In just two years, the company has become a leading firm in its sector, and it has also accelerated its new residential projects with a safety-first approach in Spain, Bodrum, and Cyprus.

Fenercioğlu states that they have 30 ongoing projects in Turkey and abroad, some of which are in the initial stages, and they plan to expedite the pace after September. He expresses their ambition to reflect their vision in regions like Northern Cyprus, Bodrum, and Spain. Fenercioğlu says, “Especially with our projects in Northern Cyprus, Bodrum, and Spain, we aim to expand our vision to these areas. Towards the end of the year, we plan to develop a project related to urban transformation in Izmir.”

2025 Goal: 50 Construction Sites

Fenercioğlu Construction aims to have 50 construction sites worldwide by 2025. Although the company is currently headquartered in Alanya, Antalya, the central office may relocate to Istanbul or another major city in Turkey, or possibly even a European city in the medium term.

Projects in Northern Cyprus and Spain

Rapid renewal and the construction of safe structures are necessary in Istanbul. Fenercioğlu points out that many laws have been enacted to accelerate urban transformation projects but believes that new laws are needed to expedite them further. He emphasizes the importance of effectively communicating the benefits of urban transformation to the public.

The company began investing in Northern Cyprus last year and plans to develop projects that allow people to live together, not just buy apartments. Fenercioğlu says, “Today, people want to feel at least seasonal comfort in the houses they prefer for vacations. Northern Cyprus is quite suitable in this regard. In the long run, I think land and property prices in Cyprus will rise a bit.”

Through their research, Fenercioğlu Construction observed that particularly people from the Scandinavian region and the UK are more inclined to purchase properties in Spain. Therefore, the company made an investment decision in the Alicante region on the southern coast, where they aim to sell apartments to European buyers. Fenercioğlu states, “Our goal is to sell apartments to European buyers, especially those who purchase properties there. We have also noticed that people who want to obtain a ‘Golden Visa’ in Turkey prefer to invest in the Spanish region. In this sense, we are preparing a project that targets both our fellow citizens and European citizens. We aim to start the project in the coming autumn months.”