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By 14 June 2023No Comments

Past, present and future of Alanya were talked on Dim TV last night. On-air guests of the program ‘İğneli Fıçı’ prepared and presented by the Doyen journalist  Mehmet Ali Dim were Alanya and Antalya Metropolitan Municipal Council member from CHP (Republican People’s Party)  and City Planner  Erkan Demirci, Alanya Municipal Council Member Fikret Arık, Construction Engineer Aycan Fenercioğlu, Architect  Okan Şen and Advocate Ferit Yücel Ergün. Building perspective of Alanya was handled on Dim TV and the sector representatives talked about the actions to be taken for a livable, orderly world with a high brand value. Mentioning about the traffic and parking problem of Alanya, Erkan Demirci referred to the explanation of Alanya Mayor “we have built a multi-storey car park but it is not used”, and Demirci said, “if you allow people park their cars near Atatürk Boulevard, nobody uses the car park.”

Fikret Arık drew attention to the fact that building stock of the city increased but no importance was given to green areas and continued as follows: “establishing the city based on rent was the biggest badness. To make a scoring in the sense of urbanization of Alanya and if we accept the criterion on the basis of Türkiye,  Alanya’s score will be 7 over 10 and on the basis of Europe, 4. Alanya has had a good urbanization considering the average urbanization process of Türkiye. However, Alanya allow immigrants in a fast manner. Its population has reached to the level of 100.000 in 10 years.”

Architect Okan Şen mentioned about the implementations and added that urban transformation was not to destruct the buildings and construct the new ones.

Advocate Ferit Yücel Ergün warned, “If urban transformation turns into a rent and acquiring unearned income, it will cause a problem.”

Construction Engineer Aycan Fenercioğlu said,” In terms of urban transformation, we can score the average of Türkiye with 8 over 10. This score is 4 on the basis of Europe and 6 on the basis of the world. We are ahead of many cities and counties in terms of urbanization but Alanya is certainly not like a European city.”

Fikret Arık said that Alanya did not have a green city appearance and continued as follows: “Alanya had a very fast growing process. First, it was established on construction and then urbanization was realized based on rent. The ideas ‘let us clean our environment, let us clean our sea and make our city green’ have never been discussed and center of the issue. If you look at Alanya on Google Maps, you will see that it is not rich in terms of green areas. Alanya has grown in the sense of concrete structures but not in spirit.”

Aycan Fenercioğlu said that green belt areas were insufficient in Alanya and added, “ Green areas in Alanya are certainly not sufficient. Alanya consists of 3 periods. The first one is the period when tourism has started; period of town municipalities and the third period in which it has begun to be governed under the Metropolitan municipal system and green area concept has always been ignored in all these three periods. Everything has been brought together in this city, which makes it a rare in this sense. I hope next rulers of the city will make urban planning better.       

Erkan Demirci pointed out that the problem of green area is not only in Alanya but it is also a problem throughout Türkiye.

Architect  Okan Şen mentioned about the importance of planning and said, “ Green areas must not be destructed. The only solution for Alanya is planning the next periods because there will be nothing to do 5 years later.

Advocate Ferit Yücel Ergün said that green areas can be increased during urban transformation and added, “Number of green areas can be increased. City develops once the population increases and economy changes. Quality life and city development should go together, which is more important.”